HUDWAY Glass: Take your Navigation console to the next level.

HUDWAY Glass : Take your Navigation console to the next level.
HUDWAY Glass- Best head-up display for your car

HUDWAY was one of the most impressive companies at CES 2017. It is such a simple idea with a neat execution. Their goal was to provide comprehensive Heads-up display (HUD) solutions for drivers all over the world. They already launched its flagship navigation app – in 2013.

HUDWAY Glass creates navigation on the glass in front of your eyes while you are driving.Heads up display increases driver safety in all driving conditions. Be it rain, fog, heavy snow, or darkness.

HUDWAY Glass takes a step further by designing the Best-in-Class Glass which makes it easier to concentrate on the road.

Why do we love the HUDWAY?


The glass has industry-grade material in the which makes it really clear in a low light condition.

it acts as the windshield and since you’re free to position it anywhere on your dashboard. it comes with a transparent lens, which reflects and also enhances the screen on your phone.

hudway glass features

Quality Output

It produces 20% larger image of your phone screen.its amazing transparency allows clearing the road view for drivers. the main advantage we saw with the glass was it eliminates the “Double image” effect we see in any heads up display apps. even in the day time, the glass display was crisp and clear compared to the windshield glass result. the silicon pad on the glass panel holds the phone very nicely in all conditions. and it comes with a 3M adhesive which is completely removable.

The hudway package comes with free apps, offers cool heads-up displays for your glass and it has many modes.

We have tested hudway glass for more than a week now. and it has generated more than the expected result. Although, it might take an effort to get used to it and adjusting the view angle.we also found it is not so great it the bright daylight compared to the night-time. but it is really an awesome experience to see your car geared up with some cool tech in just 49$.

Hudway made a huge success on Kick-starter already with backing from 9000+ people raising  $622,785. we are sure to expect many great updates and projects from this innovative company in the near future. 

If you want to give a try to HUDWAY glass you can order from their store from below.