Mobile Performance Meter: Score Free Gift Cards your android phone!


There are so many scams and apps running around which claims to get you cashbacks. But all go in the gutter when you install those. fortunately, our team was reviewing things like Mobile Performance Meter.we came to this app which is totally legit and we have got more than enough proofs to claim this.

How does it work?
After you click “Join Now”, you automatically earn “Meter Points” every day just for using your phone normally.

Within only a few days, you can cash out your “Meter Points” for instant rewards. If you’re in the United States, you can get gift cards from great brands like Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, Dell Computers, and much more. Outside the United States, you can cash out your “Meter Points” for direct Mobile Airtime on your phone.

That’s it! There are no ads. No videos to watch. Nothing to click on. You don’t have to enter any personal information or anything like that.

The app does exactly what it says. You just get paid to use your phone. The longer you leave the app installed, the more free Gift Cards and Mobile Airtime you can get.

As of now this is only available to Android Devices

All you need to get this rewarding app is install by clicking below

Note: please check for the information being shared by using this app on their website. We are not responsible for any of the complaints or misuse of the information.