Circo Review: an IOT based real-time GPS tracker that does it all!

Circo Gps Tracker Review by The Latenightlogic

Circo Review: In a series of reviewing the trackers last week, we came across a potential best from the lot. It is a smart GPS tracker from the Taiwanese company Athentek, and the tech they have used is so promising that they had a tie-up with acer for the European markets.

Circo – How is it different from the lot?

The Circo Tracker looks the same as other Bluetooth devices in the market but it is very different in features and the tech used to it. mainly all other trackers are based on BLE(a low-energy Bluetooth) and have a very limited range to track your stuff which can be in your room or you home.

Circo takes a step further in this case and it is powered by a sim card, circles pretty neat right? You can pop in any sim card and voila it will work as a tracker as well as an SOS device for eternity. this feature Circo from being a low-end tracker to all new internet of things compatible device.

Design & Features

Circo looks very basic with the design with pretty color and so button. it has to charge port for Li-ion high-power battery lasts a long time without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Battery lifetime is between 2-4 days depending on usage.

  • PINPOINT ACCURACY: Using its one-of-a-kind wifi positioning, you can expect an accuracy range of 10-15 meters right out of the box.
  • HANDY PANIC BUTTON: Whenever the button is activated, the system will send an SMS text message to the phone owner, as well as a text to the app. This way, you can provide immediate assistance to whoever’s carrying the lost device and return it to its rightful owner.
  • SAFE ZONE: The cloud keeps tabs on the places your tracker visits most and marks them as safe zones, meaning you can rest easy when your child is learning at school or playing at their grandparent’s house. (Safe zones also help conserve battery life for more peace of mind.)
Circo Gps Tracker Review by The Latenightlogic

with multiple users tracking and a History timeline and great battery life Circo easily makes it to the top for best trackers list in 2017. as far as the sim card go you can easily get a free prepaid sim card to pop in and make it a tracker for life.

You can tell us in comments about any other GPS tracker you feel better than this or give your feedback on Circo.

You can buy Circo from amazon from here.

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