How to make your DIY Photo Studio with LITEBOX

Gone are the days when you thought photography is only for those experts. And the times when making DIY photo studio costs around only thousands of dollars. So many great gadgets around us, we see a lot of people around us making those amazing dishes in their kitchen and posting pictured perfect photos on their Instagram and YouTube.

We bet you always wonder how can we even come close to those picture quality and lighting and all the effects. but its really not that hard! we have come across some nifty ways to make your own homemade photo studio at home and become a MasterChef instantly.

If you’ve got a tripod, a flash, and a window, you’re more than halfway there already. Read on for how to make an inexpensive, so-simple-it’s-practically-niche DIY photo studio setup.

Things you will need to get your budget photo studio

A Window with ample Light

Yes, that’s right! every photography starts and ends with light. and what is a better way to find it than a free window that came with your home?

The window will be your main source of light. If the light is too bright or harsh, white curtains will diffuse and soften it. If you have no curtains, shoot at a time of day when your window gets less direct sunlight.

Position the studio area so the light hits it from one side. Sidelight looks nicer than shooting into the light or with your back to it.


There are two reasons to use a tripod.

  1. It lets you take advantage of the window light by using longer exposures, and
  2. it allows better control of how you set up the shot.

If you don’t have a tripod? Get one, they’re cheap! You can make do by propping your camera up on a stack of books, or setting your shutter speed to 1/60th or faster so you can shoot handheld.

But seriously: get one. Even a cheap little tabletop one is totally useful and awesome.

The Bounce Card

Use a piece of white mat board, or tape a piece of copy paper to a piece of cardboard. Done.

Prop the card up next to the side of the object, just outside the shot. (Pick up a couple of L-brackets at the hardware store to use as supports.) Adjust the angle until the reflection from the card lightens the shadows. It’s the simplest trick there is, but it makes a huge difference in how good your photos look.

The Background

Backgrounds are as important as your primary camera. you can use any kind of poster papers or long sheets of papers.they’re relatively cheap, they come in billions of colors, and they make a good-looking but unobtrusive background.

If the item you’re shooting is very small, try placing it on an old book or map. It adds interest, but if you keep the depth-of-field shallow enough it won’t be distracting.

The Secondary Light Source. 

This is the place where we will recommend you to buy one of the best light sources for any kind of DIY Photo studio work. the one we have tried and tested as LITEBOX. it is very easy to set up and very nice quality for that home studio you are looking for.

Few of the many features we have found with Litebox as below

  • The Studio-45 Continuous Lights feature POWERFUL Integrated LED Technology, Multi-Level Dimmer, Handle, and built-in Cooling Fan! – 5500K Daylight Color 90+ CRI
  • INCLUDED STANDS: 2 Black Powder Coated Aluminum Tripod Light Stands Adjustable up to 7.5ft High!
  • REMOVABLE SOFTBOX & LIGHT DIFFUSER …Unlike traditional Pro Lighting Kits, you can Completely Remove the Softbox for closeup lighting (ie. Jewelry, Fine Art, etc.). An additional layer Diffuser Panel is also included for traditional “Photo Booth” style photography.
  • POWER SOURCE: 2 P-45 High Output Power Bricks – 45W Continuous Power for LED’s
  • QUICKSTART GUIDE …Quick Start Guide and easy to use functions allow any professional OR aspiring beginner to achieve Quality results.


With the only basic setup of 5 minutes with the litebox kit, we have taken below pictures just with our one of the smartphones( Nexus 6p here) and here is the results with no filters

You can build your own home studio in budget and take help from the tips we have shared here along with the Litebox kit from amazon which you can buy from Amazon