Amazon Echo Look : All you need to know about looks!

amazon echo look

Amazon Echo Look: With an average Wednesday morning we were doing our job and I got an email from amazon inviting me to take a look at something new in the Alexa-echo universe.And we realized amazon has just launched a new smart product ( after launching 3 version for their Alexa assistant – echo, echo dot & echo tap) this is the latest one they have been working on, and it justs for one purpose to check – how do you look today?

Stylish Selfies with Echo Look

With Echo Look, you can take full-length photos of your daily look using just your voice. The built-in LED lighting and the depth-sensing camera lets you blur the background to make your outfits pop, giving you clean, shareable photos. Get a live view in the Echo Look app or ask Alexa to take a short video so you can see yourself from every angle. View recommendations based on your daily look and use Style Check for a second opinion on what looks best. And, because Alexa is built in the cloud, she’s always getting smarter—and so will Echo Look.

amazon echo look

It’s an interesting and unexpected addition to the company’s wildly successful product line. There’s no built-in display here, but users can see what it sees on their handset. The device also works with the company’s Style Check, a feature of the Echo Look app, which uses machine learning to compare different outfit choices, awarding them an overall style rating.

The app uses a combination of machine learning and advice from experts in the style space. Letting AI pick out your clothing in the morning should be a pretty interesting experiment.

but honestly the price is too high for such a tool with Amazon Echo being topped at 179$ bucks we already thought it was too high if you are targeting a regular consumer market. and now with a 200$ selfie assistant, i don’t think people are gonna be as excited as amazon wants them to be. but hey it’s just our opinion

The device right now is on invitation only mode and will have to check what other features it comes down with but with the smart assistant’s war going on between the biggies, still, have to see how much an edge echo look will give to amazon.

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amazon echo look