BlueJay UDI U45W Drone Review – Best Drone for Beginner’s budget

UDI U45W Blue Jay Review

BlueJay UDI U45W Review:

All right people finally we are reviewing a drone on our website. We are thankful to USAToyz for providing the perfect beginner drone the Force1 Blue Jay UDI U45W drone. Now let’s not waste time anymore and we will be going to dive into this All-in-one drone. Which has almost all the functions a beginner or a level 1 drone pilot wants in his bird.


BlueJay UDI U45W drone comes with probably a hollow body. It is on the line with other beginner drones like Syma X5c. the first thing we notice just by opening the box was the coolest color combination. the body of this quadcopter doesn’t look too light in weight.

it has a decent frame and sturdy finish comes equipped with propeller guards and an extra set of wings as well.


UDI U45W Blue Jay Review

It has a 720P HD camera for aerial photos and videos with 2MP.


the remote control is similar to other drones but the nice thing about the remote controller is it has markings on the buttons which we generally don’t see on beginner drones. the batteries included are 500mah batteries which easily charge up fast and gives a flight time of 7-10 minutes on the go. the battery comes with a standard connector so the nice thing is that you can use it with other compatible drones as well.


  • Blue Jay UDI U45W comes with an altitude hold function. it really makes the controlling part very easy and fun for beginners.
  • It has the One-touch Takeoff and Landing button. so the toughest part to control it while making it fly or land is already present in this drone.
  • It is compatible with UDI’s Drone app Flyingsee( find the link at end of the article) which is really easy. it is perfect if you want to fly in the FPV mode or without the remote control.
UDI U45W Blue Jay Review
  • There is a custom route mode in the app which makes the drone fly on a marked route to take that perfect video of yours.
  • The BlueJay UDI U45W is a VR compatible drone so it gives you that perfect First Person Video feed of your flight with FPV and wifi feature.
  • along with few unique features, it also comes standard with features like one switch backflips, headless mode, Long Range WIFI coverage.
UDI U45W Blue Jay Review

Flight & Few Good things 

Coming to the camera, The video and image quality is not at all bad for a beginner drone, and also unlike other drones, the camera has a tilt function so you can easily change the angle of video as per your need. also, the FPV function works almost without a delay in nice surroundings.

There are two flight modes on which the Bluejay UDI U45W works, for a normal day you can easily operate in flight mode 1 and switch to flight mode 2 if it is windy. the drone seems a little light on the material but easily has managed to crash 4-5 times during our flying test and did not even break a little.


We totally approve the UDI U45W for all the beginners to level 1 pilot.

who just want to have some fun and want to perfect their flying skills. This is the ideal beginner drone with a lot of the latest features typically you will get on higher-end models.

It’s much quieter, with better flight time compared to Syma x5c with a lot of features.

So to summarize we were not very happy about this one, at first sight, it is a regular beginner drone but with its quality features.

you can buy this Blue-Black bird from USA Toyz sitewide discount from here.

Download the Flyingsee app from below

Get it on google play