LETSCOM SmartWatch Review : Make your analog watch more smarter!

LETSCOM Smartwatch Review:

Working on the latest smartwatch and still missing the feel of the simpler times when everything was so traditional and classy? well, don’t miss out much, Letscom has brought the class of old watch and the power of smart things together in their latest product.


the watch features the really classic old analog design with nice premium straps for casual and sports. but the magic starts when you press the button on the side and a small dot blinking on 12 starts the Bluetooth sync mode on the watch and makes this one a perfect smart watch out of nowhere. the dial is not smaller and it’s a perfect size the straps also looks like a genuine leather feel.


Letscom Smartwatch is packed with so many features which we could not even test it in one go.few of which we have listed below

  • No Charging Needed Smart Watch – Up to 8 months long battery life with a CR 2430 button cell. No cable, no dock!
  • 3ATM Water Resistant –Suitable for everyday use. OK with hand washing, raindrops, and other occasional contacts with water.
  • User-Friendly Functions – Vibration notifications (call/message), smart alarm, view activity and sleep status in APP (D-Map); Key Spec: Bluetooth 4.0, Support Android 5.0 or above and iOS 8.0 or above
  • Download APP “D-MAP” from Apple Store or Google Play- which is a bit tricky to setup and sync with the watch initially( on android you will need to turn on the nearby devices feature to get the watch start talking to the app on your phone.

Improvements: Overall the watch id pretty good but it really make simple functions so complex, like setting it up with the app and syncing the time, took more than an hour for us even with a good manual which is provided by the letscom guys.

On the smarter side the watch doesn’t do much than just pointing the second’s hand to one of the notifications on the dial so if you are genuinely interested in smartwatch this one probably suits your father more than you.

Still, Letscom makes a good first impression with acting as a  stylish watch that blends analog design and activity tracking. Using Bluetooth, the device syncs with your iOS or Android smartphone and gives you a slight vibration alert when you received a call, text or app notification. You can easily set an alarm, activity goal and track everything from steps to calories to sleep

You can buy this amazing Smart-cum-analog watch for 30$ from amazon from here.