Download GTA 5 free Premium edition this week!

Once in a life time deal to get GTA 5 Free!

Download GTA 5 free!
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In this testing time for humanity, we are thankful that few of our favorite pleasures have become free! Yes, you heard it right! the gaming giant EPIC has offered its already best selling game GTA 5 in the world for free!

There were rumors in the gaming circuit about the giveaway of the PC version of GTA 5 free. The decision seems as clear motive of converting more users for the GTA 5 free online version. This will surely get more people hooked up with its amazing Criminal-kingpin universe of GTA 5.

All PC players can claim the GTA 5 Premium Edition for free till next Thursday(May 21). Although, their site is mostly back up and the deal is working now(As of 5/18).

What makes this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that its Grant Theft Auto 5- Premium Edition. In which you get $1,000,000 to spend in GTA Online. It’s an online part of the game, which is already a Mega Hit for gamers. You will also get free Properties, Vehicles, and weapons with the online version.

GTA 5 Players pandemic

The GTA 5 Free deal has quite literally brought down a pandemic situation for the EPIC store website. You might face some delays in getting your $1 Million credit. Although we haven’t downloaded it yet, its a no-brainer that you should just claim it and download it later.

EPIC has launched a statement for the the ongoing glitches due to players overload and missing credit. although its seems to be fixed according to their latest tweet.

The $1,000,000 bonus cash in GTA Online included with the Premium Edition as part of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack may take up to 7-10 days after the player’s first session in GTA Online to be reflected in their in-game User Account. This bonus cash is only available to first-time Starter Pack owners.

From EPIC store website

The GTA legacy

GTA 5 is the biggest,baddest and smoothest version of the EPIC GTA legacy. Since the Launch in 2013, it still continues to be the best seller with 120 million copies sold worldwide. it’s already been 7 years since the launch. it’s still not ready to make way for GTA 6. And last we heard Rockstar is still working on the early stages of GTA 6. Which quite literally means that we are still a few years away from getting it on our hands.

Although Epic has this tradition with its free game program(Assassin’s Creed, Just Cause, FTL, Hyper Light Drifter) before. We think that getting GTA 5 free is every player’s dream.

So enjoy the best game in these unusual times and don’t forget to claim it before it goes away! Join our newsletter & get amazing freebies always.


We learned that many readers are facing challenges while getting the deal.

Guide to Download

  • Go to the Epic store website with the below link and create a free account.
  • If you are facing challenges while logging on to the Epic website and creating an can avoid the website by installing the app from this link and then Search for GTA 5
  • Try Different browsers if chrome is not working for this.
  • This will require the Epic launcher to play.