CarLock Tag Review-Track Your Car the easy way!

Just before a year, We reviewed the amazing real-time CarLock tracking system that monitors your vehicle. It offers state-of-the-art Anti-Theft and alarming system. This year, with an exciting announcement, The CarLock Developers has designed something to take the game to the next level. It is the first hardware extension to their car security solution — the CarLock Tag.

Carlock is the best in the business by far. It works in every situation and sense. In case of any suspicious activity, it alerts the person who cares most about your car- YOU!

It’s a small Bluetooth device that connects directly to the CarLock app on your phone. It automates the unlocking and locking of your car’s location. By default, you can unlock the car’s location when the CarLock Tag is within the range of your phone. It will get automatically locked when it is out of range.

Carlock team had few hiccups with their initial design of the device. Sometimes the alarm was still going on without any suspicious activity around the car. As the system was still active once you leave your car and start walking. It was giving false alarms and funnily enough treating you as an intruder.

The CarLock Tag

The CarLock Tag makes the process of using the security functions easier. Automating the process of enabling or disabling vehicle monitoring. Now you will not have to unlock the phone and open the CarLock app to disable vehicle monitoring before starting the car. The Tag will do it for you, avoiding the false alarm.

carlock tag - make your car a connected one

So now Simply pair the CarLock Tag with the app on your phone and place it inside the car. How to pair the CarLock Tag with your Phone?. After pairing, you are able to define which action you want the Tag to perform — lock, unlock, or none. You can get the tag for every car you have or multiple tags for each car. After the setup, you will receive a push notification every time you move away or come close to the car.

With new SmartLock functionalities, you can either choose to use Scheduler and Timer Lock or the new CarLock Tag. It is indeed a revolutionary way to automate the process of enabling and disabling vehicle monitoring. And that too without your input, making sure your car is safe when parked.

You can buy the CarLock Tag at Amazon or directly on the CarLock order page.

Currently, the CarLock Tag supports devices running the iOS platform (iPhone). We tested it extensively on Android devices. And unfortunately, most Android phones were to be very unreliable when detecting the Tag. They are working on the solution for this issue, but currently, the Tag does not support the Android platform.

Pic Courtesy: The Carlock Team.