Raspberry PI 3 Kit : Reviews and Comparison

Starting in the world of the internet of things is really quite interesting but it becomes a real pain when you are pure virgin about any micro-controller devices. We took our time with baby steps to find out the best Raspberry Pi 3 Kit from amazon.


We are reviewing the Virlos Kit for today to keep it simple.

Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Kit comes in a blue-white cardboard box. It also contains a pi model B with a transparent plastic case. The case is not really extraordinary but it’s not bad, which is pretty neat.

The Raspberry Pi 3 kit contains a 2.0A power supply, a 150mbps 802.11n USB WiFi adapter, and an HDMI cable. It also contains a breadboard, GPIO breakout connector, a variety of LEDs and components. And a 208-page manual!

What is included with the kit? (courtesy of https://www.pretzellogix.net)

Column1Canakit Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Ultimate Starter kitVilros Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Ultimate kitAdafruit Raspberry Pi Starter PackSunfounder Project Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi
Price$85 $85 $60 + $45$42
Manual208 pagesonline guide49 pages + DVD
Raspberry Pi3 Model B3 Model B3 Model B option
GPIO cable40-pin40-pin40-pin26-pin
Power supply2.5A, micro USB2.0A, micro USB2.0A, micro USB? For breadboard
Memory Card32GB MicroSD (Samsung)16GB MicroSD (Kingston)8GB MicroSD (SanDisk)
HDMI cableYY
USB to TTL cableY
USB Wifi adapter802.11n802.11n802.11n
LCD16×2 char
LEDs2 Blue, 2 Red, 2 Yellow, 2 Green, 1 RGB10 Red, 10 Yellow, 1 RGB1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue16 Red, 2 Green, 2 Yellow, 2 White, 1 RGB
DC MotorY
H-bridge ICY
7-seg displayY
8×8 Dot Matrix LEDY
555 timerY

Right from the start, the Vilros guide (not included in this kit now as recently found out,you can buy it separately) talks about what you can do with the Raspberry Pi as well as a chart showing what it is equipped with. and walks you through the whole pi setup, it has few extra modules too just like building a Media Center out of the Raspberry Pi. The guide walks the reader through installing XBMC (recently renamed “Kodi”)

The Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Ultimate kit ($85) is by far the best, most well-rounded kit of the bunch. It included a Model B+ Raspberry Pi, an 8GB microSD card, a 2.0A power supply, a 802.11n USB wifi connector, electronic components, HDMI cable,that was about both learning and fun!

Let us know if you know better kits than this for starters in the comments