Sony BRAVIA Android tv upgrade: Major changes

Oh, we know! we are a rare species and very small in population (the Android Tv Community guys!), but luckily if you possess this rare brand of TVs then today is your day my friend. After prolonging the update for their android tv for years, Sony has started rolling out its new update bringing the Bravia Android TVs(2015,2016) models to the new version of Android 6.0.1.

Here are a few things you will observe as changed after the major update.

In some screens such as HOME, the screen design or usability is updated and easy to use.

  • Design

The new design concept is introduced to the screen design such as the background image.

  • HOME menu:
    The same app icon is not displayed on both Featured apps and Apps at the same time.
  • HOME menu:
    Location of Inputs is moved to the bottom of the HOME screen.
  • Volume adjusting bar:
    We moved the volume adjusting the bar to the bottom left of the screen and made the picture easy to see.
  • Expansion of the built-in memory:
    You can move the downloaded games and apps to a USB memory device or HDD as extended memory.
  • Displaying programs in each genre:
    When searching TV programs, programs are displayed by genre, such as drama, sports, or music, etc. This will enable you to search for programs you want to see more easily. You can display the programs in each genre with the program check function and Genre program guide in the program guide application. check out below video for that

As we personally tested on my KDL55W800C, few things still disappointing me as sheer ignorance from the sony team and I were really hoping that they will fix them in this big release, but they still stay at large as improvements.

  • Your External HDD or pen drive will not be detected until it is formatted into the good-old-FAT32 file system.
  • With a shameful surprise, no Sony android TV support A2DP Bluetooth protocol (helps your tv stream audio to Bluetooth speakers) and you can not still use Bluetooth to connect to your sony headphone or soundbar. (to overcome this Big shortcoming I will recommend using this Cambond Bluetooth receiver, it really works well with Bravia )

Well, at least we are glad that sony came late but came along with at least one major update. we still hope to see great updates as this gateway has opened now. Let’s see what’s more in the store for Android Tv Users.