Android Beta Everything new you need to know.

Google has been a promising lot many things and they are quite keeping ahead of their timelines. Google announced an Android Beta version (which is fully running on Google Pixel) by the end of October for its flagship device owners, and here they are ahead of time with the latest 1263 MB (Whoaaa!)

If you are still not sure about what we are talking about here, enroll your device to the Android beta program, and get the latest update right away.

without further ado, I will tell you what are the major changes coming with this beta version.

3D touch & App Shortcuts

So as promised there is no 3d touch yet on google’s device but there have come up with something cheaper with new toggles on one press on the apps( as this just-released only a few google apps supports it) to get the simple task options for any app.


You can use the new shortcuts feature to bring users from the launcher directly to key actions within your app. Users simply long-press your app’s launcher icon to reveal the app’s shortcuts, then tap on a shortcut to jump to the associated action. These shortcuts are a great way to engage users, and they let you surface the functionality of your app even before users launch your app.

Restart option in Power menu

Google listened to the user and added the long-awaited restart option.

Support Page

for providing timely support Google has taken a new step to incorporate the support page right there with settings.

Redesigned Check for the Update screen

Google has finally removed the button that users frequently and futilely smash to receive new updates. The update screen now lists the Android version and security patch level.

Dev API changes

Amongst the UI changes there are major changes in the dev world too for developing the android apps and use google APIs, few as mentioned below in the changelog of Android dev site.

Image Keyboard Support: Now in Android 7.1, the Android SDK includes the Commit Content API, which provides a universal way for IMEs to send images and other rich content directly to a text editor in an app. The API is also available in the v13 Support Library as of revision 25.0.0.

Enhanced Live Wallpaper Metadata: You can now provide metadata about your live wallpapers to any component that’s displaying a preview of the wallpaper, such as a wallpaper picker app.

Round Icon Resources: Apps can now define circular launcher icons, which are used on devices that support them.

Sadly, you’ll still be without Pixel-exclusive features like the new Pixel Launcher, Pixel Camera, and 24/7 on-device customer support. But at least Google just released a Wallpapers app that’s available for all Android phones — not just the company’s own flagship devices.